Why do some people struggle to land a new job?

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You understand that it is hard to land a new job. Some people seem to struggle more than others.

What makes it easy for some people to land a new job?

Let me give you a list of some things that make it easier. Some will be obvious. Others, not so much.

A great value-driven resume

I’ve seen a lot of resumes in my lifetime and wrote thousands of resumes in my many years of resume writing. However, a resume written in 2019 by me is significantly different than one I wrote years ago. So is the marketplace.

Today’s resume has to be story-driven. The resume should never be just a job description recap. It needs to catch the attention of readers who are used to attention-grabbing web headlines.

A well-written LinkedIn profile is critical to help you land a new job

I still find people who are not on LinkedIn or who have marginalized LinkedIn profiles.

Many people don’t realize there are experts who write LinkedIn profiles daily. I coach people daily while I am writing their profiles so that their profile is attention-getting and they use strategies to showcase their knowledge.

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