Using Your Storied Resume, Master Resume Writer

Using Your Storied Resume, Master Resume Writer

It’s all become quite clear, in an overwhelming, sometimes noxious sort of way. Some people get social media, others are in the learning curve process, and still others just don’t seem to have a clue.

There is a lot of fog around developing and then using your storied resume.

Some people think it’s all about ATS, gaming the system and / or building a structure that can’t lose once you zoom your resume into cyberspace. Others consider the resume an adjunct to the conversations that they just know will arise once they begin pinging their database of contacts.

Still others are clueless. They figure they’ll unearth the secret rules about job search when they are in dire need–they’ve lost a job, quit a company, been downsized and/or are simply weary of or dismayed by their current job.

The truth is, the way we share our stories is different, but other strategies remain the same.

We have a virtual internet highway that criss-crosses every town, state, country, enabling access to just about anyone onto which you want to push your story. However, the way we get noticed is not so different than how it’s always been.

It’s about organically and intentionally building your well before you’re thirsty. It’s about being on someone’s radar when they have an opening for your talent. It’s about building relationship and career capital by giving to others first–supporting their goals, enhancing their visibility, referring them to opportunities when you are able to be a match-maker.

Using your storied resume is not about pummeling people’s in-boxes.

It’s not about canvassing every person who looks like they could help you at the time of need and jamming their in-boxes with your resume and your ask. It’s not about expecting to task people’s time and resources. Most people are too busy trying to keep their own plates spinning, their own revenue reserves restored and/or tending to their own family and friends commitments.

Organically build your career foundation.

Developing your career foundation continuously, as a daily habit and a routine helps to fortify your career highs and alleviate your career lows.

Have meaningful conversations along the way, offering value and insight to others. And, then when you expectedly — or unexpectedly — find yourself in need of a new position, a new company, a new city, a new challenge, you are not starting from ground zero. You have warm opportunities and relationships with potential for deeper development.

You have built career (and hopefully revenue) reserves in which to dwell as you transition versus scrambling as if the walls of your life were crumbling about you. You have people and companies with whom conversations can continue versus a cold, hard push for employment.

While this may sound ideal and unrealistic for some, the reality is that it is necessary, in order not to be found adrift and and without a career rudder. And, if you’ve found yourself in this unfortunate position, then learn from it for next time.

Start today.

Take action.

Find the traction.


I am a master resume writer with 20 years’ experience in the resume writing trenches. No insta-resume service here. I built my story from ground up, living and breathing resumes, full time, self-supporting, and not as a side gig. My clients hire me for the highly consultative, thoughtful approach to resume writing. Contact me at [email protected] to discuss how I can help shape the stories (executive resume, bio, LinkedIn, elevator pitch, etc.) that will accompany you through your next career evolvement.




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Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, Master Resume Writer


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