Staying Focused in the Age of Digital Distractions [Inforgraphic]

digital distractions

In our fast-paced, business world, we are surrounded by productivity-killing interruptions. The rise of the internet, social media and smart technology have landed us firmly in the Age of Information. But we might as well call it the Age of Digital Distractions.

Yes, these advances in technology have undoubtedly helped us do more and achieve more. But they have also hindered our ability to focus on getting the basics done.

Surviving the Age of Digital Distractions

When at work, digital distractions come at us from every direction. You have your computer in front of you with email notifications and numerous work alerts popping up continuously. Your “phone” – essentially a pocket-sized interruption just waiting to happen – is constantly going off. There’s also the temptation of the internet itself, which contains not only an endless amount of reading material but unlimited opportunities for shopping, networking, procrastinating and logging into Facebook, Twitter and the like. And – while you’ve been busy distracting yourself with all of that – several new emails have most likely arrived in your inbox. The cycle is seemingly endless!

Check out the infographic below from On Stride Financial. Here, you’ll learn many ways to minimize the impact of distractions and improve your overall output. From being more organized to simply unplugging, the tips and tricks presented will have you focused again in no time.

Staying focused can help you stay productive. So remove those digital distractions… and get more done!

digital distractions





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