How to Get Better at Selling

How to Get Better at Selling

Everyone wants to be better at selling. Being better at sales means it takes less work, comes more easily, and you ultimately make more money. Aside from repetitive practice, what are some ways in which you can improve your selling skills?

Here are 10 suggestions to help you create a better sales strategy.

How to Get Better at Selling1. Ask Questions

What does your buyer want? How do you know? If you don’t ask questions, you may never truly understand what it is your buyer wants. Knowing what they want makes it a lot easier to sell to them. If you know about their needs, likes, dislikes, and preferences, selling to them will become much more straightforward. Don’t be afraid to ask; most people will open up and answer your questions. Asking the right questions will make your pitch all the more relevant.

2. Challenge the Buyer

All buyers have preconceived notions about your products or services and whether or not they actually need them. It’s your job to challenge those perceptions. If your prospect thinks that your service can’t help solve their problem, it’s up to you to change their mind. Tell them why. Be thorough and explain to them the reasoning, giving them concrete examples as to how you can benefit them.

3. Be Confident

There’s nothing more obvious that an insecure and nervous seller. If you want to make a strong, positive impression, it is important to come across as confident and knowledgeable. Even if you lack self-confidence, work hard on putting on a good show. It will become more comfortable, and your actual confidence will grow as a result. There’s nothing wrong with practicing in front of a mirror or with your trusted loved ones. Practice makes perfect!

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4. Build Rapport

Most people feel more comfortable buying from a friend. When cultivating a sale, it’s important to build rapport and be relatable. If your target feels like the two of you have something in common, you’re much more likely to make a sale. Building a trustworthy relationship lays a great foundation. If a person feels as though they can trust you and be honest with you, they will feel much more comfortable buying from you.

5. Ditch Desperation

Don’t plead and act desperate when trying to make a sale. Trying to make the buyer feel bad for you is not a good angle to take. Being desperate and pushy is a turnoff and will not help you win the business. Instead, be approachable, friendly, and easy-going. A person who feels pressured will most likely pull away from the interaction and not return.

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6. Upsell

Upselling is one of the oldest’ tricks’ in the book and for a good reason. If you have succeeded in selling something, offering an add on or additional months of service, etc. is never a bad idea. Why not sign someone up for a six-month membership at a discounted rate rather than just a one-month agreement? It’s easy, additional money in your pocket. Once the hardest part of the sale is done, take advantage of it and build upon it.

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7. Be Honest

Honesty really is the best policy. It’s not hard to figure out that people want to do business with those who are honest and real. Don’t lie to make the sale; it hurts any chance of establishing a lasting relationship. Even more so than in your personal life, you want to associate with people in your business life who are honest and reliable. Being dishonest is a sure way to ruin a relationship, and word will inevitably get around.

How to Get Better at Selling

8. Have a Conversation

Do not pelt your prospect with information. Instead, have a conversation with them. This goes along with asking questions and building a rapport. You don’t want the sales pitch to be completely one-sided. Understanding your customer is crucial, and by talking with them, sharing information, and learning from them, you can get a great jump start on a lasting relationship. The word conversation evokes emotions of friendliness, respect, and trust – all good ways to feel when making a purchase decision.

9. Learn from Experience

Don’t just learn from your mistakes, but learn from your successes as well. Repeat the things that work for you and get rid of those that don’t. Every person, every sale, and every company are different. Learn what works for you and run with it. This can evolve and be ever-changing. Don’t be so rigid that you refuse to change as the markets or customer base changes. Be fluid and adapt to what works the best for you.

10. Go the Extra Mile

I’ve never heard anyone complain about a business that went the extra mile or over-delivered. This can’t hurt you. It’s best practice to under promise and overdeliver every time. When you see an opportunity to overachieve, do it. Bonuses and extra niceties are things that people remember. This can guarantee repeat business and referral sales in the future.

What have you found that works for you? I’d love to hear about it!

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