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It’s here; 2020 has finally arrived, and for most of us, it’s a time to start as we mean to go on.

Therefore, if one of your resolutions is to find a new work challenge, progress in your career or simply apply for a new job, read the top job search trends for 2020 to ensure your career resolutions become a reality.

Job searching on the go

Astonishingly, the average person spends over two hours a day looking at social media. This is only set to increase thanks to a mobile world. It’s, therefore, no surprise that searching and applying for jobs has also increased with job searching apps so readily available.

There are great benefits of using mobile options to search for jobs. For instance, you can instantly contact companies to ask questions, and you can apply for jobs quickly and easily no matter where you are.

Personality vs skills

Today, your personality is just as important as your skills to a prospective employer. Over the last 10 years, the introduction of personality tests and the use of AI has become an integral part of the recruitment process for many employers.

It’s recommended to research the type of personality test you’ll be doing before you take the assessment to get a feel for what it entails. However, it’s always best to be open and honest – the employer will be assessing those personality traits further into the process.

Even if an employer hasn’t adopted this method of testing, they are usually still focused on finding a potential hire that fits with the company culture. Although your initial application will demonstrate this to a point, there are other things you can do to prove you’re interested in the company and are an excellent cultural match.

For example, you could show you’re a proactive hard-worker by contacting the recruiter or employer to ask if they have received your application. In your email or phone call, show you’re keen to know more about the role and the company, or perhaps mention something positive about the company that you’ve read in the news.

If you can then show you understand what it takes to work at the company and are familiar with its updates and successes, you improve your prospects of landing a job there.

Build your personal brand online

The digital age is upon us, and more and more of our work is moving online. Take advantage of this to showcase yourself, your achievements and a portfolio of your work. Here are some of the best ways to showcase your career profile:

LinkedIn profiles are set out like a CV allowing you to list your work history, outline your achievements and highlight a personal profile.

Blogs can showcase your work and industry knowledge. Ensure a link to your blog is across your social platforms and in your email signature.

Professional Twitter accounts can be used to illustrate your experience. Use the profile to help you network and build your personal brand online. You can follow influencers and share content relevant to your industry, as well as showcase your work.

Apply at the right time

There are certain times of the year where you can take advantage of lower competition. This means you may have a higher success rate with your applications.

The first half of the year, on average, has fewer people applying for roles than from July to December. It’s also worth noting that in January, there’s normally a high number of jobs but not as many applications. Therefore, this is a great time for you to apply and start the year as you mean to go on.

Finally during the summer holiday season, although there are fewer jobs advertised, as a rule, there are generally fewer applications. For you, this means that while others might want to jet off into the sun, you can take advantage of making your next career move.

Hopefully, these trends will help enhance your job search in 2020. I wish you every success in finding your perfect role.

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