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Are you looking to conduct a greener job search? It’s certainly a hot topic right now. Especially as you can’t open a newspaper or turn on the TV without there being some mention of climate change and our environment. Fortunately some positives are coming out of this.

The UK has had record lows for carbon emissions in energy production this year; and more of us are making the switch from single use plastic to renewable alternatives. But is it really possible to make our job search more environmentally friendly?

In this blog we’ve put together five tips to help you make some small changes and ensure your job search is not only powering your career, but helping our planet too.

1. Use less paper

As technology advances, the idea of a paper free office is becoming more of a reality. Plus, most job applications are now just a case of clicking a mouse or tapping a smart phone.

But there’s still some caveats surrounding this. Think about the average paper count on application forms, cover letters and the untold amount of copies of your well-written CV; you’re probably looking at half a tree gone already.

So whilst it’s not possible to go completely paper free just yet, there are ways to ensure you use less. Try printing your CV using both sides of paper; and likewise for any application packs with multiple pages. This is a great way to ensure a greener job search.

That way, you’re still printing exactly what you need, whilst consuming less resources. And on another note, look to make sure you recycle your ink cartridges. This will ensure there’s fewer empty ones sitting in landfill.

2. Power save your devices

Whether you conduct your job search from your phone or laptop, there’s energy saving to be done here. Particularly for battery powered devices like laptops or smartphones.

After all, it’s possible to fall into the trap of running them from charging cables on mains power; and this is fine if you only do it at the times you really need it.

However, if you’re hoping to conduct a greener job search, be wary of the fact that leaving them on for hours on end does add up and uses more energy. Plus, it also affects the quality of your battery, meaning it may not hold charge for as long as it’s meant to. So, only charge when you need to and use your devices on battery as often as you can.

Also, if you know your battery lasts on a certain amount of time – e.g. three or four hours – this is actually a positive. It means you can make your schedule of job hunting that bit more proactive; so you’re not just screen centric the whole time.

3. Use public transport where you can

It’s not always possible for companies to have an office with access to good public transport links; especially if they’re based out in rural or semi-rural areas. However, if you’re able to make your travel to and from interviews environmentally friendly, this will help with reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere; not to mention ensuring a greener job search.

Using public transport like buses, trains and taxis for travel will still get you there in time. But there are other options too. With the growing market for hybrid cars and vehicles, now may be the time to upgrade your car to one of these.

Better still, if your future employer operates a ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme, then get on board with this. It’s the greenest form of transport around; plus, showing your interest in it during the interview shows you’ve done your research on the company and role.

4. Apply to green roles/companies

You can probably already name a few organisations or companies that are doing their bit for the planet; WWF, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace. And, even if you don’t aspire to be the next Sir David Attenborough, there are more opportunities with these organisations than you might think.

There’s obviously a lot of science, technology and engineering job opportunities; as well as roles in research, conservation and protection. But, as many charitable organisations respond to an ever changing world, they will also be on the lookout for other vital roles.

For example, these companies may need a social media manager to promote or lobby for their cause on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Or maybe they need someone from a legal background to focus on important legislation and policies.

The possibilities are endless! But if a role or opportunity matching your skills and experience comes up at one of these organisations, go for it. It’s not only an investment in your career, but for the future of the environment too. What better way to ensure a greener job search?!

5. Get involved with volunteering

On the other hand, if your CV is looking a bit sparse, volunteering with a green or environmentally friendly organisation might be a good idea. Have a look for any local groups that need help or expertise to do what they do.

Whether that’s assisting with the administrative duties of an environmental impact/lobby group, or lending support to a conservation or recycling project. You might even find yourself volunteering for litter picking initiatives in your area.

They may not always be the most exciting, but it’s all good experience. Plus, it showcases your interest in these areas and also key soft skills like working in a team, taking initiative etc.

Ensure a greener job search

We hope this blog provides you with some useful tips to ensure a greener job search. Even though they’re small, they’re manageable and easy to build on. And, they should help you go forward in your job search knowing that you’re helping the environment too.

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