Top Things To Remember For People Who Deal With Work Anxiety – Introvert Whisperer

Top Things To Remember For People Who Deal With Work Anxiety - Introvert Whisperer

Top Things To Remember For People Who Deal With Work Anxiety - Introvert Whisperer

Anxiety alone is not a joke, how much more if you experience it at work?


Work anxiety can radically affect the quality of your output and your overall mood throughout the whole day. This can leave you counting down the hours till you get off work. Today, roughly three out of four people say that stress and anxiety heavily interfere with their daily lives; hence, for those working and in the corporate world, your workplace is not an exception. Fear, tension, or anxiety can significantly influence your relationship with your colleagues and supervisors, quality of work, and overall performance. More than anything, being diagnosed with anxiety disorder only makes things even more challenging to deal with.


Whether you’re worried about something very detailed and specific, like a deadline or a report, or you just have a vague feeling of dread with clouds of negative thoughts, you pretty much imagine telling yourself to get it all together and start getting to work. And seeing that fail and not fall into plan can give you more things to worry about, like getting a sanction, or worse, getting fired.


But, you don’t always have to feel this way, especially at work. With that, here are the top things you should remember if you’re dealing with work anxiety:



Identify the Source Of Your Problem

The first step to overcoming anxiety or a panic attack is finding out why it exists in the first place. Try to analyze your habits, attitude, and work environment. What has changed over the past week or year that could have possibly contributed to aggravating your anxiety?


Being able to distinguish the causes of your anxiety can significantly help you eliminate the attack most times, so never hesitate to ponder on these things and further analyze your behavior.



Take Note of Everyone’s Name

Having a stable relationship with people in your workplace makes it a whole lot easier to address problems in general. More so, if you have tension or conflict with another individual, this makes it easier for you to open up about it with someone else, in the hopes of resolving the issue no later than the day or week. At work, it is never too late to start establishing stronger relationships.



Nothing’s wrong about taking a breather so that you could either collect your messed up thoughts or clear your mind. If tasks start piling up and become too overwhelming, you can leave your desk for a few minutes, get some fresh air, or walk a bit. Rest is part of any activity and is indeed critical to maintaining efficiency and productivity.


If situations arise and get even worse, train your mind to calm down by moving into a well-ventilated place and taking deep breaths through your mouth, with your eyes closed, while counting to 5. Hold the air and feel your lungs full, then you may exhale counting to 10. Repeat this until you feel more at ease and ready to go back to work.



Know and Organize Your Environment

Upon looking for a job, you can already tell if the environment is good for you or not. If your instincts tell you otherwise, then you might as well stick to it and look for another job that you feel more at ease in. A lot of online job hiring websites today are excellent and reliable sources where you can easily know more about a company before you even pass an application. This should help you pick the best one for you.


Also, try organizing your workplace every so often you get the chance. One of the possible leading causes of anxiety could be from a chaotic environment, so it’s essential that you make it a habit to arrange your stuff and clean the space you work in 8 hours a day. This then allows you to find files, information, and documents faster without having to panic if you’ve misplaced them or not. As a result, you make your work a whole lot easier and avoid anxiety attacks from time to time.



When work starts piling up, it becomes all too easy to say yes to everything, even when you can’t finish all these in one day, or you don’t completely understand how to do something. The discomfort you’re feeling when asking for help can eventually benefit you in the long run, so don’t ever hesitate! In turn, it decreases your anxiety about piled up responsibilities. In fact, if anything, asking for help communicates to your colleagues and superiors that you genuinely care about doing an excellent job on the task at hand.



There are many things you can do to help ease your anxiety. You don’t need to do all these, though. Remember only to apply those things that work best for you, and be prepared to experiment sometimes. Workplace anxiety definitely happens to most people, if not all, so don’t go around and beat yourself up for it. While work is highly important, it’s still not worth your mental health. So, if you think work has been contributing to your anxiety, then you might want to take a breather every once in a while to help you get back up even more productive and efficient.


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Rosette Monell works as a human resource personnel in a firm in Asia. Aside from her job, she’s also a freelance writer who talks so passionately about public relations, different work ethics, and culture. On her free days, she likes to spend time alone with a good book about career building on one hand and a warm cup of tea on the other.

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