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decades ago, no one thought about the concept of remote work. By the end of
2018, there were already 57 million Americans working
remotely, and that is about 35% of the US workforce.

of companies worldwide have already adopted flexible work policies, and over
61% of business owners have reported an increase in their company’s profit
after following this trend.

In case you are still struggling to understand
why remote work has become so crucial to the workplace, the following points
should help clear up your doubts.

Increases Employee Productivity

work allows employees to have flexible working hours and choose the place where
they will work. That means that employees can work when they feel they are most

is not the case with 9-to-5 jobs where employees are expected to arrive at work
at a specific time and work for eight hours, even if they are not at their peak

employers lose $1.8 trillion annually due to the lack of productivity caused by
employee health problems, distractions, etc. In the case of remote work, over
83% of employers and employees have confirmed that flexible working hours
boosted their productivity.

Saves Money

work is an excellent way for companies to cut costs of office space, supplies,
equipment, etc.

employees telecommuted for just half of the time, an average business could
save around $11,000 every year.

typical example is American Express that saved up to
$15 million annually
by introducing
telecommuting. Aetna, a health insurance company, also achieved similar results
by reducing its total office space by 2.7 million square feet and saving up to
$78 million.

Gives Employers Access to a Wide Range of Talent in the Industry

Remote work helps break down talent barriers and
attract people from different locations. The continuous advancement of
technology has made communication from any part of the world cheap and effective.

this reason, employers can conveniently reach out to more talented individuals
or agencies in the industry, regardless of their location.

Check out the infographics that follow to discover more benefits of remote work.

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