The Importance of Resume Formatting – Introvert Whisperer

The Importance of Resume Formatting - Introvert Whisperer

The Importance of Resume Formatting - Introvert Whisperer

Your resume format has the power to make your application look great and boost your chances of landing interviews. However, it can also hurt your application if you choose the wrong one.


There are three resume formats used by job seekers. Each style is structured with specific types of candidates in mind — one should work better for you than the others.


Those three formats are the:


  1. Chronological (or ‘reverse-chronological’) format
  2. Functional format
  3. Combination (or ‘hybrid’) format.


The chronological format is the standard, traditional resume structure most people are familiar with today. This format puts your career growth and development front and center of your application. If that’s what you want to highlight, then the chronological resume format is likely your best option when applying for jobs.


On the other hand, functional formats emphasize skills and abilities over work experience. Everyone moves through life at their own pace — if you have a less clear work history then this format can help you downplay your experience, while placing the reader’s attention on your most marketable attributes.


Combination resumes, as the name suggests, combine elements from both functional and chronological formats. They generally feature a robust skills section, and also touch upon several key examples of your most relevant work experience. Such a format is ideal for job seekers who have a range of technical skills applicable to their profession.


Not sure which format to choose? To make picking the ideal resume format easier for you and job seekers everywhere, Resume Genius has created a concise resume format infographic and flowchart to walk you through the process.


Infographic by: ResumeGenius

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