The Effect of Divorce on Introverts – Introvert Whisperer

The Effect of Divorce on Introverts - Introvert Whisperer

The Effect of Divorce on Introverts - Introvert Whisperer

Divorce hurts. No one can escape this reality. Even couples with amicable divorces feel painful moments and grief. The end of a marriage is not something anyone plans on. Losing someone who promised to love and support you forever can sting, even if your marriage was far from perfect. However, for introverts, the pain of a divorce can have a profound effect on their lives and their futures. According to the Huffington Post, introverts simply handle divorce and heartache differently than extroverts. If you are an introvert, this should come as no surprise.


So, what can you do to get through the divorce process if you are an introvert? To understand how to handle the pain, anxiety, and grief that comes with ending your marriage, it is important to better understand how being an introvert might affect the way you process heartbreak.


Introverts Need to Analyze the Divorce

One of the main strengths of introverts is their ability and willingness to turn inward for reflection. When things go wrong, introverts often look inside of themselves to analyze what happened and why the events unfolded the way they did. After a divorce, introverts may find themselves analyzing what happened during their marriage and why it ended. While this is a good trait and one that can help with the healing process, some introverts may find themselves stuck in an internal loop. Overanalyzing the divorce can stand in the way of moving on and being happy.


Introverts Need to Be Alone

As an introvert, divorce can be unsettling. When this occurs, many introverts take comfort in being alone. Friends and family members may not understand this desire and may begin to worry after your breakup. However, introverts often need to withdraw for a period of time to meditate on their feelings and on the loss of their marriage. This can be beneficial to introverts and can actually help them process the divorce better. Yet, for some, this loneliness can spiral into clinical depression. If you find yourself spending too much time alone or suffering from unhealthy thoughts, it is best to speak to an experienced mental health professional immediately.


Going through the divorce process can be tiring for all couples. This highly emotional time is one that is exhausting, especially for introverts. As such, introverts must be mindful of their energy levels. If social interactions and lawyer meetings are too much to bear, take breaks and give yourself time and space. It is very important to protect your energy flow and your life balance during this time. Taking regular breaks to recharge can be healthy for you both during and after the divorce.


While extraverts tend to deal with divorce by busying themselves, introverts need time to heal from the pain of the divorce. They are more likely to avoid “one night stands,” and they may need more time before getting back into the dating world. If you are an introvert, give yourself this time. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Don’t let anyone convince you that you should be going out more or dating earlier than you are ready. Time can help introverts process their emotions and the aftermath of the divorce better than their extroverted counterparts. As such, when they’re ready, introverts find that they are often better able to handle new relationships and their future.


While introverts might not be quick to open up to many people about their feelings, they still need their friends. Unfortunately, divorce can sometimes alter friendships. Some friends may side with the other spouse, further complicating matters. Fortunately, introverts just need a handful of truly great friends during this time. They need friends who understand when they prefer to be alone and when they simply want to be quiet. They also need friends who encourage them to get out and who remind them that life is still there to be lived.


Divorce can be hard on introverts and on many other individuals. It is a time of high emotional distress, worry, and anxiety. Having an experienced Barrington divorce attorney on your side throughout the process can give you the peace of mind you need to move forward into the future.

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