Join The Gig Economy With A Side Hustle To Supplement Your Income | Mike McRitchie

Join The Gig Economy With A Side Hustle To Supplement Your Income | Mike McRitchie

In today’s economy, more people are looking
for ways to supplement their income with extra work. Known as the “side
hustle”, working as an independent freelancer gives people the freedom to take
on the additional work they want, when they want.

Why freelance? Working in the gig economy
allows a great deal of flexibility. People can choose when it’s a good time to
work more and still make time for their personal life. Gig jobs also allow
workers to market themselves and build up a portfolio of clients that, one day
in the future, may give them the opportunity to make the move from traditional
employment to full time gig work.

Are you looking for a side hustle in the
gig economy? Here’s how to make it a reality:

What skills and services do you have to offer?

In order to find extra work, you’ll need to
have a skill or service that people are willing to hire you do to. Whether its
photography, website development, or walking dogs, find a marketable skill
that’s in demand.

Establish a flexible work schedule

You’ll need a work schedule that fits in
with your current full or part time job. Because when you become a gig worker,
you’ll essentially be working two jobs. Even though your side hustle is on your
own terms, you’ll still have to find time for your freelance projects.

Money matters

With your traditional job, taxes will be
automatically deducted from your pay. As a gig worker, you’ll be responsible
for paying your own taxes. Be smart and learn all the tax rules so you know
what to expect.

Establish your rates

Don’t fall into the trap of accepting
whatever offer people give you for your services. Otherwise your side hustle
won’t be worth your while. The whole point is to supplement your income, so
come up with rates that a) pay you what you’re worth, and b) ensure that you’re
actually getting ahead financially.

Market your skills and services

As a gig worker, you’ll need to market your
skills and reach clients. Use online platforms for gig jobs, build a website
and post your portfolio, and market yourself on social media.

As more people look for ways to earn extra
income, gig jobs are going to become more popular. Working independently for
yourself is a great way to decide when you take on extra work and what type of
work it is.

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