How to Use Feedback Loops to Tell Your Employer Something is Wrong – Introvert Whisperer

How to Use Feedback Loops to Tell Your Employer Something is Wrong - Introvert Whisperer

How to Use Feedback Loops to Tell Your Employer Something is Wrong - Introvert Whisperer

It’s no secret that introverts often keep to themselves and don’t always feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with people. When dealing with someone in a position of power, the overwhelm may be too much for an introvert to express their concerns and issues they may be having. As you may know, introverts process their thoughts and feelings internally, which can be exhausting at times.


During times of great stress and dismay, introverts need more recovery time and space to do their thinking. Coming clean or discussing a matter of importance may be delayed because of how an introvert is interacting with the information she or he is getting. If this is the case for you, a feedback loop might be what is needed to help you express your concerns.


Introverts Are Not Quiet or Shut-off

While it is a common misconception that introverts are withdrawn and don’t like to talk to people, it is true for some people who internalize everything around them. The sensations they have in their bodies may be too much at times to deal with the day-to-day energies that are needed to manage a job. For a great deal of introverts, the real trouble begins when they are stressed out or overthinking a situation because they do all of their thinking in their heads.


Introverts rarely reach out to someone for comfort or consultation. Because of this, they allow issues to weigh heavily on them for far longer than the average person might. Such situations still require resolution and a feedback loop, or some form of electronic or anonymous way of providing information to an employer may be needed.


Keep the Conversation Going


Feedback loops provide safe spaces for employees to report issues, concerns, and also praise or support their superiors. Feedback loops also work the other way as well: superiors can provide information to their employees. These virtual meeting rooms provide employers and employees with the ability to discuss matters, track issues, and provide resolutions without overwhelming one another.


While communication is of the utmost importance, especially in today’s workplace, how that communication happens is less important than ensuring the information gets out and is dealt with properly.


Software Keeps People Connected

You may be of the opinion that the last thing an office needs is another chat room or electronic software package to separate its workers, but for people who need to collect their thoughts before they feel comfortable expressing them, and for people who need to have space to process what is received in return, they are the perfect solution.


If you are reading this you are either someone who identified as an introvert or you are an employer who has people on staff that are introverts. Even if you aren’t in one of these two categories, providing a safe and effective means of communication without confrontation is important for today’s workplaces.



Introverts are very curious people and they like to dig into their own thoughts and explore why things are the way they are. While using a feedback loop, you can explore your own thoughts and come to conclusions about how certain situations rest with you before providing that feedback to your employer.


You may find that you are able to resolve some of the issues on your own, especially if your brain is in hyperdrive about something and you suspect you may be overreacting. Still though, providing that feedback is a worthwhile move because it draws attention to the unrest that you may be experiencing, and your employer may be able to help you with that.


There’s no reason to just limit feedback loops to when something needs to be reported through. There are plenty of reasons to use feedback loops to promote and support one another. Providing positive feedback and congratulatory messages are also great ways to connect with one another online and keep the conversations going while building trust and holding space for someone in the office.


Introverts are often exhausted at the end of a long work day, and while extroverts may still have the energy to be around people and talk about their problems, introverts may not.


Providing an online forum for discussion and interaction ensures that introverts get to participate in the conversation, resolutions, and solution-based discussions for the organization.


If you are an introvert, it’s your job to make sure you are engaging with the tools and resources that are provided, so if you have a feedback loop system in your office, start using it.



John Packham: Having grown up in a family-owned business, John uses that experience to inspire his writing. Formerly employed as a Business Content Director, John is grateful for the many opportunities he’s had to share his passion for business and writing.


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