Do you specialize? – Introvert Whisperer

Do you specialize? - Introvert Whisperer

Do you specialize? - Introvert Whisperer

Have you noticed that specializing is an important quality to have professionally?  If not, I’m here to drive home this point for your own consideration.


People that have deep skills and knowledge in their professional area are THE hottest commodity.  People love it when they encounter someone whose knowledge about specific things exceeds what is considered “the norm”.  There are all sorts of reasons why this is the case. You probably don’t have to dig too deep into your own thinking to realize your own attraction to this type of professional.


To give you a couple of examples to prompt your thinking about you:

  • I had a personal trainer that did all of the things you would expect out of a trainer. In addition to that, he was THE trainer for developing people in Triathlons up to and including putting a team together for a minimum of two Triathlons per year.  He would also throw in the Hood to Coast relay.  He had a devoted group of people that worked with him year after year.  That translated into a huge, consistent revenue stream.
  • I worked with a man who was in finance and accounting. As you can imagine, everyone in that department used the software Excel.  This man had learned to use Excel in ways no one else knew.  Needless to say, he was highly sought after to help with difficult analysis projects.  As he put it “I’m an Excel God”.  No brag, just fact.


The point to all of this is if you want to become indispensable and a high-value asset to any business, become a specialist at something.  Every profession has the same opportunity to specialize.  When I worked at Intel, I specialized at making large change in process and organization.  As a Career Coach, I specialize in Introverts.  I have a friend who is a job search coach and he specializes in college students using social media.  This is especially good because there are so many job search coaches out there it’s hard to tell one from the other except this guy who is a standout.


How do you know what to specialize in?  I think it’s the convergence of two things: 1- what you have a talent for doing or minimally a desire and 2- what is a need that people are consistently seeking solutions for?  This may require you to burn a brain cell or two to think about and possibly do research on but it will be worth it in the long run.


Specializing means more income and more security.  Oh, and it makes the ego feel real good!   Who wouldn’t want those things?

Brought to you by Dorothy Tannahill-Moran – dedicated to unleashing your professional potential. Introvert Whisperer 

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