Do you have change-worthy behavior? How can you tell? – Introvert Whisperer

Do you have change-worthy behavior? How can you tell? - Introvert Whisperer

Do you have change-worthy behavior? How can you tell? - Introvert Whisperer

This week I had a Skype call with a woman I hadn’t spoken to for several years.  I found out she had become a Transformational Coach.  She helps people overcome limiting beliefs in order to make meaningful change in your life.  In the process of our discussion, she shared something I want to pass along to you.


“How you do one thing, is how you do everything.”


Think of this for a while.  What is one thing you do that you do the same with everything?  She gave the example of how one day she was cleaning out her desk and she did a deep purge.  She had kept things that she didn’t use or have value to her.  She then realized she did that everywhere – in the kitchen, car, and closet.  After days of cleaning and simplifying she realized she held on to things of no value and had to change.  Her life wasn’t as simple as she thought.


I think this is a good question because it makes you self-examine at a deeper level than usual.  This statement applies to all of us and it is at the core of things we all do that may not serve us well.  It’s a good step for making a change.


As I thought about how this applied to me (and it took a few days to get there)

I realized that with things I’m not very intuitive about, I overly focus on written & oral directions.  It works like this:  I have no sense of direction and navigation has always been a huge struggle for me.  While the GPS technology has helped tremendously, I even get tripped up with it.  When the GPS says to turn right, I do turn as soon as possible but have found that isn’t always correct.  Street signs are worse and big buildings internal signs are even worse.  While this is what I do with navigation, it’s also my approach to all technology.  I have found user manuals are poorly written but nevertheless, I turn to them constantly because I have no sense of how to navigate the various things I use.  I’ve debugged entire user manuals.


Obviously, my one-way of approaching things for which I have no sense for navigating is frustrating, time-consuming, and often stressful.  This may not be a big, nasty, life-impacting issue but its habitual and takes away my joy more than it needs to.  It has real change potential.


I offered up my own self-discovery as a means of helping you ponder the application of this question.  It might hurt your brain a bit – but it’s very worthwhile.

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