Career Myths: 8 Mistakes That Keep You from Growing Ahead – Introvert Whisperer

Career Myths: 8 Mistakes That Keep You from Growing Ahead - Introvert Whisperer

Career Myths: 8 Mistakes That Keep You from Growing Ahead - Introvert Whisperer

Shawn Berkeley had landed his dream job at a multinational bank. He had planned all his career moves since he was in college. He aimed for perfection in everything he did. Soon enough, the career goals he had set for himself started to weigh down on him.


Well, a situation like this is rather common in the professional world. Whether you’re about to start a career or you’re a seasoned professional, none of you are infallible to making mistakes. However, repeatedly making the same mistakes will jeopardise your credibility as an employee, and may even impact your personal life as well. Now, the good news is that many of these mistakes are easy to avert in the first place. Presented below are some of those mistakes that prevent your professional growth.


Mistake #1. Over-committing and under-delivering

Solution: Do you constantly fail to meet deadlines and does your work lacks the quality? Then chances are you’re taking on tasks that are way above your league, or you’re not making enough effort.
Taking on too much at once builds false expectations among your superiors. Soon, you will be branded as ‘inefficient’, losing out on opportunities, increments, and promotions. However, you can get rid of this rut by making commitments that you can fulfil. Focus on working hard to beat deadlines and targets by a reasonable margin consistently over the next three months. This way, you can rebuild your image at work.


Mistake #2. You restrict your network

Solution: We all know the significance of networking. But regardless of the benefits, we often give up too soon on extending or growing our networks. There’s a common notion that growing our professional relationships no longer makes sense once we secure the new job we hoped for. So, we end up restricting ourselves to only maintaining relationships mainly with the people we see day to day within our organisation.


However, the fact is that some of the most crucial professional connections you will need throughout your career will be with people outside of your organisation. They are invaluable, specifically, when you are considering what your next career move should be. So, you must nurture and invest in these relationships.


Mistake #3. Feeling unsure of your abilities 

Solution: Often, the biggest hurdle to witnessing growth in your career is YOU. When you are constantly burdened by self-doubt or worry about your abilities, it never works out well for your career. You rarely take on any challenges, give your opinion or re-assure your boss that you’ll take care of that important project.


You need to move out of your comfort zone by speaking up and seeking opportunities. Whether you’re capable enough or not – it is for your superiors to decide. And even if your worst fears come true and you do fail, concentrate on the learning outcomes and implement them the next opportunity you get. Above all, have confidence in your abilities.


For example, you may be an academic writer providing business law essay help to students. Now, if you’re not sure of your skills in your chosen area of study, you won’t be able to offer the right kind of solutions.


Mistake #4. You stop investing in yourself

Solution: You may have been in your current job role for a few years now, and you’ve become comfortable with the job. This may not necessarily be a problem, but the trouble begins when you start assuming that your past success will automatically carry over to future projects. You begin to turn complacent and let your skills stagnate.


When you stop reminding yourself to keep learning and growing professionally, that’s when you risk becoming irrelevant. You have to stay on top of what is happening in your chosen field by keeping up with industry trends and events.


Mistake #5. Not asking for the money you deserve

Solution: It’s normal to feel apprehensive about speaking up and ask for what you deserve as remuneration. Many people don’t put enough thought while making compensation demands, thinking it will make them seem more competitive.


But you’ll end up with regrets later if you don’t ask for the money you deserve to be paid. If you’re underpaid, you’ll soon begin to get discouraged by how much energy you’re spending and how little you’re receiving in return.


So, you shouldn’t just blurt out a number. Conduct some quality research on appropriate salaries within your chosen field before making a request. You deserve appropriate compensation.


Mistake #6. Not focusing on learning

Solution: You’ll always find it simple enough to carry on with the work when things are going smoothly. After all, why shake things up when your superiors are pleased with your performance?


If you don’t compel yourself to keep learning and growing professionally, you’re likely to stunt the process of your career growth. In fact, you may miss out on major opportunities to advance to the next levels in your career.


Understand in which areas you’re lacking adequate knowledge, and take steps to mend those gaps in your knowledge. This means you need to sign up for courses, attend conferences and seminars, or enlist the help of a mentor.


Mistake #7. You think you’d figure everything out on your own

Solution: Having useful skills is vital, but if you wish to witness growth in your career, you shouldn’t commit the mistake of trying to do everything on your own.


All of us need help from people who are trustworthy and have walked the path we intend to venture into. In this case, a mentor can offer their honest feedback, and help us connect with the resources and experiences we need to keep moving ahead. They can also show you the right direction when we are going off track.


Mistake #8. Thinking your leadership skills will grow naturally

Solution: Any person who is eager to lead others is consistently working on their leadership skills. People can be tricky, and managing these people needs constant nurturing. So, don’t just chase the title, specifically if you’re not equipped for the role.


You can be really efficient at what you do, but if you don’t concentrate on developing the right set of skills – don’t expect to keep moving up, or even to stay where you are.  Leadership skills don’t just appear all of a sudden. As the famous saying goes, “The man at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there.”


Wrapping it up,

Dealing with a few obstacles along your career path is natural. As long as you’re aware of the mistake you made and how to fix it, there’s no stopping your growth. Have you made any of the mistakes listed on this post? Share how you dealt with it in the comments below.


Alley John is a corporate lawyer at a reputed organization in Australia. He is also a part of as an academic advisor for corporate law essay help.

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