Building Your Dream Team: 5 Fundamental Skills to Teach Your Employees | Mike McRitchie

Building Your Dream Team: 5 Fundamental Skills to Teach Your Employees | Mike McRitchie

Employers often look at the duties of a potential worker and hire based on this alone. However, every employee needs certain skills to be successful in his or her job. The following are a few skills that employers should consider teaching if they appear to be lacking in the workplace.


Although communication covers many different means of employee engagement, this is one skill every person needs on the job. When workers interact with each other and understand the goals and objectives, it becomes easier to function as a single unit. This is of great importance as it ensures brand consistency, something consumers look for when choosing where to spend their money. Furthermore, communication must be clear to help establish the workplace culture and the patterns of the workplace. If a company is struggling in this area, help is available in training your employees to communicate more effectively. Businesses that invest in communication training find they benefit greatly from doing so.


Thinking outside of the box is crucial in many business situations. In fact, when a problem arises, it may be the gateway to the development of a new product or solution that the company can share with others and benefit from. However, many employees lack the skills needed to look outside of established patterns and find new ways to solve existing problems. This is one skill every employee needs to be taught, as new ideas are always good for a business even if they don’t work out in the long run.

Conflict Resolution

Workers often spend long hours in each other’s company. As a result, conflicts may arise. Although it might seem easier to ignore tensions in the workplace, doing so is never wise. While the issue may blow over with time, the underlying problem likely remains and a new conflict will escalate more rapidly. For this reason, every business should teach employees how to resolve conflicts properly. If they lack this skill, productivity in the workplace will diminish and relationships may be damaged. Invest in conflict resolution training to ensure all employees have the necessary skills to prevent this from happening.

Stress Reduction

An employee who is under a great deal of stress will be less productive. Encourage workers to take a break when needed and help them find the right balance between work and home. While many believe these two entities should be separate and distinct, what happens at home carries over to the workplace and vice versa. For this reason, every employee should be trained in stress reduction techniques to ensure the organization is not harmed due to excess stress on the part of its workers.

Time Management

Employees must complete tasks in a timely manner. A failure to do so could lead to a loss of clients, decreased productivity as other employees wait for the worker to carry out the assigned task, or missed deadlines. Every worker in the organization needs to understand how to prioritize certain duties while leaving others for slow periods. It may be the employees need to see where they fit into the overall picture or it might be providing guidance on how to get everything done in an effective way. However, this is one skill that must be taught for an organization to operate efficiently.

These are only a few of the many skills every worker should have. Others include organizational skills and patience. If help is needed in training employees in these areas, don’t hesitate to seek it. A company that does so finds the rewards of its efforts are significant.

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