7 Better End-of-Interview Questions That’ll Help You Stand Out

7 Better End-of-Interview Questions That'll Help You Stand Out

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It’s important to remember that interviews are two-way streets. This means that you can (and should!) ask questions of the hiring manager, too. After all, just as much as they’re deciding on you as a potential new hire, you need to decide on them as a potential employer.

Instead of asking basic questions about the pay, the hours and the environment, however, dig a little deeper! Here are seven better follow-up questions to ask at the end of your next interview. Ask these questions, and we promise you’ll have the answers you need before making moves on the offer you’ll totally get. After all, these questions will make you seem seriously invested.

1. What are the day-to-day responsibilities of the job?

You’ll want to know not just what the job description says in the job advert, but also what the actual day-to-day responsibilities are going to look like. What is actually going to be expected of you in this role on a daily basis? Asking this will also help you to determine whether or not the job advert is accurate. After all, you may not want to work for a company that isn’t totally confident in what exactly they need you to do; wishy-washy expectations will make it difficult to track and rank your performance down the line.

2. How would you describe the culture of the company?

Many companies will share their values on their official website. It’s easy, however, to slap buzzwords onto a website and for a company to tout itself as inclusive, diverse, forward-thinking, etc. That’s why you should ask the hiring manager how they, in particular, would describe the culture of the company, given their unique, personal experiences working there. It’ll be easier to gauge how a company really is by hearing first-person anecdotes than it is by reading about it online.

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