20 Tips On Human Resources In Business Management – Introvert Whisperer

20 Tips On Human Resources In Business Management - Introvert Whisperer

20 Tips On Human Resources In Business Management - Introvert Whisperer


1. If your job offer is attractive, it will be very difficult for candidates to reject it

It is an indispensable requirement when writing a job offer for your company, but there are others that you must take into account. If you want to remember them, check out this article! For more information, you can check at Zoetalentsolutions


2. Getting your team to be happy at work is the key to greater professional performance.

In other words: if you want your team to be efficient, motivate it! To be effective, everyone must share goals and realize they are going in the same direction. If you want to discover how to motivate your team, in this article we give you 4 resources that you can put into practice.


We must not give importance to age, religion, political inclination or country of origin. Labor discrimination must be avoided at all costs. How? For example, avoiding discriminatory language, establishing equal wages, having anti-discrimination policies and, very importantly, training managers so that they know how to handle it in the event that it happens. Here is an article on how to avoid discrimination at work.


4. Nonverbal communication is key to knowing more about your candidates

The fact that they are done unconsciously is what makes them more interesting. Pay close attention to your speech, body posture, facial expressions, and eye contact. If you want to know what each movement means, learn it with this article where we teach you 5 tricks to analyze nonverbal communication and put it to use in your next interview!


5. You need a candidate management strategy

Candidates will look at it to know more about your company. So it is essential to have one! Think that it will also help you when setting clear objectives for hiring new employees, how to manage the human team and improve communication with and between them and will serve to differentiate us from the competition. Here we give you the keys to make your strategy.


6. Avoid judging your candidates positively or negatively during your interview

It is very easy to fall into this trap when you do not get to know the other person and, in reality, it is something that influences when hiring someone. For example, we have the best impression of a person, but then at work, it is not as we thought. It can also happen the other way around.


7. It is not the same to be boss than a leader

They are two completely different things and you have to take into account their behaviors to detect it. It is not always the boss who plays the best role and helps us in our professional development.


8. Job Jumpers are not as bad as you think for your company

Recruiters may not see well that a person changes jobs constantly, either due to lack of commitment or disloyalty. But in reality, a Job Jumper has many positive things to contribute to your company. Find out all the advantages here and, the next time you have one ahead in an interview, give it a try!


9. Good internal communication is essential in a company

It is proven that the fact that there is bad communication generates misunderstandings, wasted time, personal conflicts or frustration.


10. Look beyond the experience of your candidates

Obviously, the experience is something very important to evaluate and take into account when selecting, but when you have a young candidate with little experience, do not dismiss it lightly. Look at everything you can contribute, such as your creativity, your initiative or your ability to work as a team.


11. If you have to fire an employee, do it with elegance

Saying goodbye to someone is difficult and uncomfortable at the same time. The way you do it will tell a lot about your leadership style. If you’ve ever wondered how to fire an employee, we advise you to be clear and not make him feel bad.


12. Investing in Team Building is the best thing you can do for your employees

There are many benefits that it can bring to your company, such as boosting creativity, improving communication between employees or promoting fun in the workplace.


13. Don’t confuse demotivation with personal problems

An unmotivated worker is one who is not comfortable in his job and without the desire to make an effort. Detecting it is easy, check if you do not comply with the delivery timings, prefer to work alone and in silence, do not celebrate work triumphs, do not take into account the news of the sector or take advantage of your free time.


14. A good CV analysis will save you time in the selection process

Surely when you open a selection process, you will have received hundreds of resumes. Reading them all will be able to saturate you.


15. You need to know the difference between attitude and aptitude

While the first has to do with the person’s behavior, the second is the ability to perform a task. You may think that fitness is more important, but you are wrong. It is necessary to have a good attitude since it is basic for a good working environment.


16. New trends in human resources will advance your work team

It is nothing new that we tell you that technology is increasingly present in companies. There are many trends that are emerging, which we recommend that you know and apply, in order to adapt your company to the new technological environment and manage human capital optimally. Some examples: adapt the human resources department to the digital era or digital training plans.


17. Being creative is more important than you think

It’s not about knowing how to draw or sing well. We refer to the ability to give different solutions to problems. Creative people stand out for being open-minded, avoiding the comfort zone, being full of motivation and being in search of new challenges.


18. You don’t know how much you need a Person Candidate until you have it

When opening a selection process, it is necessary to be clear about the profile of the employee you want to hire. To do this, we must make clear the characteristics and skills that it must have.


19. In SMEs, there are also selection processes

However small the company is, it is recommended that there be a human resources professional who can prepare payrolls, organize the company or conduct interviews.


20. Give great importance to fellowship

The fact that there is a good atmosphere among colleagues is essential for the company to function. Three tips? Avoid rivalry, work as a team so that there is trust between them and, why not, after work when you leave work.


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